#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras


Our new MAP commissioning editor, Daniela Cascella, introduces the series A Year of Carte Blanche and Other Chimeras. Across twelve months she will bring together new work by writers, philosophers, artists and musicians, punctuated by editorial responses in the form of afterwords. In addition, MAP will continue to publish reviews and other texts
Alison Watt Centifolia
#64 - January 2022 Review

Painted Fragments

Victoria Horne examines new paintings by Alison Watt at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Megan Rudden1
#64 - December 2021 Reflection

The Deepest Gurgle I Ever Heard

Megan Rudden steps into the ‘fabricated ecosystem’ of the Jame St Findlay and Jonny Walker exhibition at Kiosk, Govanhill
Whats App Image 2021 12 17 at 16 37 41 1
#64 - December 2021 Review

Anam creative and The Alchemy Experiment

Maria Sledmere visits the launch of a new collaborative platform for musicians and artists in Glasgow
Iman Tajik1
#64 - December 2021 Documentation

Bordered Miles: in the footsteps of Iman Tajik

Tom Jeffreys documents the 26 mile walk from Glasgow city centre to Dungavel House detention centre
#64 - December 2021 Review

A Measure of Longing

Enxhi Mandija reviews The Mourning Lines by Tamarin Norwood, MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2021
Hill Mercury Drops
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

-zoic II

by Tomoé Hill
Hill Mica
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

-zoic I

by Tomoé Hill
Skelton1 paris
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Book and the Lattice

by Richard Skelton
Daniela Editorial2
#64 - December 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

Editorial Response One: A Lichen, a Spell

Beginning a monthly series, Daniela Cascella transmits her thoughts on recent texts published as part of her year long project for MAP
Lydia sponge 1
#64 - November 2021 Short Story

Being Beside Oneself, 3

The final selection of writing by Lydia Davies
Lydia sponge 3
#64 - November 2021 Short Story

Being Beside Oneself, 2

Part 2 of a selection of writing by Lydia Davies
Lydia sponge 2
#64 - November 2021 Short Story

Being Beside Oneself, 1

Writing by Lydia Davies brings together a selection of short stories and segments from an eponymous essay that explores relational and narrative constructions of self through the transformative potential of souvenirs, grief and voice. Lydia is the recipient of this year’s John Calcutt Prize for Critical Writing, presented by The Glasgow School of Art in collaboration with MAP.
Imprint 7323
#64 - November 2021 Review

Rooms are shells, they are skins

Rose Higham-Stainton reviews two Munich exhibitions that cut deep imprints into institutional pasts
Darroch Lozowski
#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Unsaid

by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski
ML Dyrness Dreamer II
#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Dreamer II

by Tristan Foster
ML Dyrness Dreamer I
#64 - November 2021
A Year of Carte Blanche & Other Chimeras

The Dreamer I

by Tristan Foster
26 2
#17 Spring - March 2009

Emerging: George Henry Longly

Oliver Basciano discovers a conversational psyche in this young artist’s work
Screen Shot 2020 02 05 at 10 40 40
#56 - March 2020 Review

A Gnostic Romance

Jessica Ramm reviews Alex Impey –Gnostic Cautery at The Hunterian, Glasgow 16th November 2019 – 23rd February 2020
IMG 20200314 135254 MEDIUM
#56 - April 2020 Review

Paradoxical Paintings

In our final review which involved a venue visit, Gwen Burlington visits Pacita Abad, Life in the Margins, Spike Island, 18 January 2020—closed until further notice
Unnamed 7
#45 - June 2018 Review

Chapter Eight

The eighth instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by Jeremy Millar
#37 - June 2016

‘Difficult Mothers’ | new solo exhibition by Sarah Rose

Volgograd Place
#54 - November 2019 Review

The Twin

Esther Draycott responds to the Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2019. 4 October to 24 November
Dance  All  Night  Paris  Production  Still 1 6X4
#28 - February 2013

MAP Screen | Dancing With Myself

‘Dance (All Night, Paris)’ by Melanie Manchot was part a programme guest curated by Debi Banerjee. Its run is now over, but a text remains to view here.
5 3
#6 - April 2006

Report: Whisky and orange juice

A cocktail of corporate collections. Tim Abrahams investigates art world activity
Pauline  Boudry  Renate  Lorenz  Opaque 2014
#37 - November 2016

Making People Up

Interview with Sarah Tripp about her AMIF 2016 programme, ‘Making People Up’, taking place on 5 November 2016 at Tramway 1, Glasgow. 
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’: An exhibition of a film of a book that never was

17 September–25 October, 2009, The Drawing Room, London
Installation View Nadia Myre Code Switching And Other Work Curated By Mother Tongue  Courtesy Nadia Myre And Art Mûr  Photo Credit Ross Fraser Mc Lean
#44 - May 2018 Review

GI reviews and responses

Last in a series of reviews and responses to Glasgow International 2018, Maria Howard writes on Nadia Myre at The Briggait, Cross-feed by Gary Zhexi Zhang & Aniara Omann and Self-Service by Kirsty Hendry & Ilona Sagar
63 1 6
#8 - November 2006 Review

Books: Bread / Take Me With You

Bread, Kate Davis, Sorcha Dallas, Take Me With You, Gary Rough, Sorcha Dallas
Dearalice 05 JPG
#58 - August 2020 MAP Project

Part 5: The Self-Illuminating Pen

Sarah Tripp concludes her letter series with: Dear Alice. ‘This is a story about what I let go of and what I took hold of.’
54 1 2
#9 - March 2007 Review

Brice Marden

29 October 2006–15 January 2007, Museum of Modern Art, New York
88 1
#18 Summer - June 2009 Review

Guy Benfield

1–25 April, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne  
54 1 3
#7 - September 2006 Review

Hanneline Visnes

24 May–16 Jul 2006, Pump House Gallery, London
34 1
#8 - November 2006

Jacqueline Donachie / Christine Borland: The Doctor will see you now.

John Calcutt examines the role of the artist in a medical vein, taking the work of Jacqueline Donachie and Christine Borland as his guide. He opens with two very different tales …
Steph Mann Image 3 MAP web
#61 - May 2021 Reflection

Things, tunnels, traces, thoughts: Part Three

Tom Jeffreys’ response to new work by Stephanie Mann concludes
90 1
#17 Spring - March 2009 Review

Katy Moran

28 November 2008–16 February 2009, Mima, Middlesbrough
Chapter 2
#45 - May 2018 Review

Chapter Two

The second instalment of Out of Office Auto-Reply by William Kherbek
#20 Winter - November 2009

Artists of Course Are a Completely Foreign Species

Elizabeth Neilson views the work of Henry Coombes, an artist flirting with class, family ties and narrative on the boundary between mainstream and artist films
Ufuoma Essi Bodies In Dissent 3
#61 - April 2021 Review

They lay on the floor like starfish

Ben Nicholson looks into Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2021, Thu 29 Apr-Mon 3 May
Tako Taal A Body 2019 Photo credit Juliane Foronda small
#58 - September 2020 Letters


Bodies of Knowledge: Part two of a series of correspondences between Caroline Gausden and Jen Clarke on the politics of hosting and hospitality
#24 - November 2010 Review

Yves Netzhammer

5 November–27 February, Kunstmuseum, Bern
76 2 3
#15 Autumn - September 2008 Review

Books: Art Power

Boris Groys mitpress.mit.edu ISBN 978-0-262-07292-2
Teen  Zombie Xx 0 01 31 12
#22 - June 2010 Review

Ryan Trecartin, Sharon Lockhart, Peter Campus, Joachim Koester

26 March–24 May, 2010, The Power Plant, Toronto
#28 - May 2013

In the Shadow of the Hand : Object 6b

‘The Idea’ Sarah Forrest responds in writing to Virginia Hutchison. Their collaboration ‘In the Shadow of the Hand’ continues on MAP
Blue Monday3
#60 - February 2021 Poetry

Blue Monday, Part 3

A duo of poems, Border Control 1 & 2, completes this MAP selection from Blue Monday by Zara Joan Miller
Impacts sts7crack
#59 - September 2020 Editorial


Editorial: tying up cosmic symbolism
#13 Spring - December 2019 From the archive

Commission: Alasdair Gray

To commemorate the life of Alasdair Gray, we also republish his MAP commission. “As he prepares for his Glasgow International solo exhibition at Sorcha Dallas, artist and celebrated author of Lanark, Alasdair Gray publishes for the first time his Prologue to The Tragedy of Faust” MAP, Spring Issue, 2008
35 38 Comission Gintaras Final Artwork2
#20 Winter - November 2009

Gintaras Didžiapetris

Gintaras Didžiapetris in collaboration with Resonance 104.4fm
87 4
#20 Winter - November 2009 Review

Rosalind Nashashibi

10 September–1 November, 2009, ICA, London
Giles  Bailey
#38 - April 2017 Review

Ian White Book Launch

Giles Bailey records his experience of the launch event at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, for ’Here is Information. Mobilise. Ian White’, a book of selected writings, published by LUX
#62 - June 2021 Review

Nothing Personal

Susannah Thompson reviews a new journal that dares to ask the awkward questions and poses complex ideas around critical conversation
#48 - January 2019 Journal

Handwritten personal details on a deck of fluorescent green playing cards

Second in a series of research texts by Gordon Douglas reporting on encounters with collaborative practice in Japan